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Shadowplay Interactive Clock (Video)

by Joseph


The reason clocks have persisted as a creatively fertile craft for so long is that people keep managing to come up with new ways to tell time. One of the coolest comes from Breaded Escalope, and it’s called Shadowplay.

The Shadowplay clock earns its name by way of its simple yet irresistible interface. To read the time, just place your finger right in the center of its face, and the shadows that result from the strategically places lights in the sides will show the time, just like on a conventional clock. Pull your finger away and it becomes just another circle again – a simple effect, but extremely cool to see in action, and one that gives telling the time a slight but effective jolt of interactivity.

The effect is so simple, in fact, that the video demonstrating how the Shadowplay clock works is just nine seconds long. Now, for the bad news: It doesn’t appear to be slated for mass production as of yet, but stay tuned to Breaded Escalope’s official site here for more info.

Here’s the video:

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