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Record Your Dreams With The Shadow App

by Joseph
Shadow App
Shadow AppShadow AppShadow AppShadow App

From Hunter Lee Soik, the creative consultant on Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s Watch the Throne tour, comes Shadow, an app that is designed to help users record, remember and compare their dreams with other users.

Interested in knowing how it works? ¬†Well, the app’s gradual alarm wakes you up as your dream ends, and at that point you either type or vocally describe what happened in your dream into the app. The data is sent to a worldwide database that will analyze trends in dreams based on location and other demographic information.

It’s all on the project’s Kickstarter page here, which as of this writing is only a little over a fourth of its fundraising goal. So if you want to join a worldwide “community of dreamers,” head there now to show your support.

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