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25 Sexy Songs for Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

by Esteban


If you are planning to host any special guests at your place on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need a great playlist to set the right mood. That means purging your iPod of all those Sisqo and Richard Marx albums and stocking it with some truly sexy tunes that will put him or her, or him and her, or her and her, in the mood for love.

Need some suggestions? Great. I’ve got some.

Not all of the songs on the following list are what you might call objectively good, but they’re all sexy in one way or another. So take a look, see what you like, and get ready to romance the hell out of whoever you’re hoping to romance the hell out of.

Warning, though: some of these tracks are extremely NSFW. So use headphones, or tell everyone at the office to put on their earmuffs.


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