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Sex Machine 2017: Ring in the NSFWNY (Video)

by Joseph
Sex Machine 2017

Sex Machine 2017

Millions welcomed the new year into their lives by watching a giant ball drop in Times Square, but this is obviously a reactionary ritual meant to placate the masses and maintain the status quo. The people at Super Deluxe came up with a more transgressive way to say hello to 2017: It’s called the Sex Machine 2017.

This is not the James Brown or Sly Stone Sex Machine, though. This is an actual machine of the Rube Goldberg variety, but instead of being made from household objects it’s made from … household sex objects. Anyway, you should probably watch the video and figure it out for yourself.

You can do just that by checking out the Super Deluxe Sex Machine 2017 below. And for more from Super Deluxe, including videos that are probably a little more appropriate to watch at work, head over to the official Super Deluxe YouTube channel right here.

Happy New Year:


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