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Sesame Smart Lock: Uniquely Simple Installation (Video)

by Joseph


Nobody wants their house to get broken into or entered without their knowledge or permission, but nobody wants to go through the hassle of installing a smart lock either. But what if much of that hassle was only imaginary, and that you could increase the security in your home in just the time it takes to apply¬†a strip of tape? That’s the reality represented by Sesame, a new smart lock currently in the fundraising stage on Kickstarter.

It might sound hard to believe, but all you have to do to install the Sesame smart lock is tape it over your deadbolt. Once you do that, you can get notifications whenever your door opens or closes, lock or unlock your door remotely with your phone, and even program your door to open only after a special knock.

Sesame has already more than doubled its fundraising goal and it has almost two more months to go on Kickstarter here, where you can pre-order yours starting at $89, with shipments expected to start in May. You can also check out a video about the smart lock below.


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