Home Entertainment ‘Seoul Station’: Animated ‘Train to Busan’ Prequel Coming to US (Video)

‘Seoul Station’: Animated ‘Train to Busan’ Prequel Coming to US (Video)

by Joseph
Seoul Station

Seoul Station

If you aren’t lucky enough to have been able to catch Train to Busan in theaters, you missed out on one of the best horror movies of last year (not to worry, it’s on Netflix now if you feel like catching up). It was such a success in its native Korea that it got an animated prequel entitled Seoul Station, and it’s getting a North American release in less than a week.

Seoul Station already came out in Korea, but English-speaking fans are still in the dark about the exact nature of its narrative connection to Train to Busan. But the two most important things about are: It’s a prequel, and it’s animated. Below you can watch a Korean trailer from the film’s original release:

Seoul Station is reportedly coming to iTunes on May 30th, followed by other home video platforms on June 6th. So you have until then to catch up with Train to Busan if you want to appreciate its full effect.

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