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SensorWake: The Olfactory Alarm Clock

by Joseph


No matter how pleasant a sound is, it always sounds horrible coming out of your alarm clock in the morning. So maybe it’s not the specific sound that’s the problem, but using sound to wake up in general that’s so unpleasant, which is why SensorWake by Guillaume Rolland is such a great idea for an alternative to the usual alarm clock.

SensorWake uses smells, rather than sounds, to wake you up, with environmentally friendly capsules scented like coffee, peach, the ocean, and even “dollar,” as well as an array of other aromas. And it’s evidently an effective (not to mention pleasant) way to wake up every morning, so the implications of such a device speak for themselves – and if you’re not awake after three minutes of aroma, it does have a chime that will wake you up the old-fashioned way.

They still have a little speaking left to do, though, since the SensorWake olfactory alarm clock still has about $25,000 left to raise on its Kickstarter page here, where you can pre-order yours for about $65.

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