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‘Sense8’ Season 2 Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Sense8 Season 2

Sense8 Season 2

I make no claim at TV scholarship, but in my opinion one of the best TV shows going right now is Sense8, the octo-utopian science-fiction action soap opera from the creators of The Matrix. The last we saw the show’s band of clustered sensates (a phrase that makes, uh, sense if you’ve seen the show) was in its Christmas special late last year, but today a new trailer for Sense8 season 2 is online.

According to the trailer, Sense8 season 2 will see some raised stakes and expanded danger for all our favorite characters: The cop, the guy with the van, the Icelandic DJ, the Korean businesswoman/bare-knuckle fighter, etc. There also appears to be more details regarding the sinister governmental organization/corporation that’s trying to control and exterminate the sensates in season two.

Watch the trailer for Sense8 season 2 below. And if for some reason you still haven’t watched the first season, you have until May 5th to get all caught up, since that’s when the next ten episodes of the show come to a Netflix account near you.

Here’s the trailer:

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