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Sense: Monitor Your Entire Sleep Environment

by Joseph
Sense Sleep Monitor

Sense Sleep Monitor

Now on Kickstarter, there’s a sleep monitor that expands its reach from the user’s immediate person to the entire room in which they sleep. It’s called Sense, and it doesn’t just monitor your activity overnight, but things like ambient light, noise, temperature, and humidity, so you can get a better grip on why you sleep the way you do.

Sense works by way of a small sensor (called a “Sleep Pill”) that’s designed to be attached to your pillow in conjunction with the main sensor, the spherical beauty seen above. That’s the one that collects all the extra data on light, sound, and atmosphere (you can see the results on the included smartphone app). Sense also works as a “smart alarm” that figures out when the best time for you to be awakened is, according to your own sleep cycle.

With almost a month to go, Sense has already raised well over its original fundraising goal on Kickstarter. But you can still get in on a discounted $99 pre-order price on the product’s Kickstarter page here.

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