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Sense: Keep Track of Your Electricity Usage

by Joseph
Sense via Cool Material

Sense via Cool Material

If you pay your power bill every month, you may be interested in finding a way, any way, to reduce your electricity consumption and thus your monthly power expenses. There are lots of ways for you to do this, some of them general and intuitive, but there’s also Sense, a device that gives you detailed information through an app on the electricity you use, and how you can use it more efficiently.

Sense requires a qualified electrician to install the sensor on your home panel, which is your first sign that this isn’t a typical electricity monitor. It isolates and identifies the electronic signatures of everything in your house that uses electricity, then tells you how you’re using them inefficiently – plus other useful details like whether your garage door is closed or your TV is turned off.

You can get more information on Sense, and pre-order yours starting at just under $250, at the device’s official site right here.

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