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Senik: Redesigned Fire Extinguisher Concept

by Joseph


I could be wrong, but I don’t think the basic fire extinguisher has seen much in the way of technological advancement since way back when they first phased out the hand water-pump style model, but now an inventor by the name of Sailee Adhao is poised to blow the whole game apart with his new fire extinguisher concept called Senik.

Adhao’s first priority in designing Senik is ease of use, and it’s activated by way of a big yellow button that even first-time firefighters should be able to get the hang of quickly and under pressure. Then there’s the fire suppressant itself, a mixture of pressurized flame-retardant gas and water,  sprayed out of the extinguisher’s nozzle as a fine mist.

Senik is billed as “an instinctive fire extinguisher redesign,” and it’s made to be intuitive and efficient in cases of emergency. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept for now, but you can get more information on the project right here.

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