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Sengled Boost: LED Light Bulbs Also Boost WiFi

by Joseph
Sengled Boost

Sengled Boost

The march of technology has been especially unforgiving to old-fashion light bulbs lately, but now there’s a light bulb that does more than just illuminate a room. It’s the Sengled Boost, an LED light bulb that also boosts your WiFi signal.

The Sengled Boost is designed to deal with the problem of WiFi “black zones,” which is apparently a problem for people who live in large houses. And once you get a few of the bulbs installed, you can then control the flow of WiFi throughout the house using the accompanying Boost app, which acts as “a command center for connectivity in your whole home.” You can also use the app to adjust the lighting itself.

Each Sengled Boost LED light bulb costs just under $50, but if slow or non-existent internet is an issue in your home, it might be worth it. To buy, or just to get some more information, head over to the Sengled website here.

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