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‘Seinfeld: The Apartment’ Recreation of Iconic TV Apartment From Hulu

by Joseph
Seinfeld: The Apartment

Seinfeld: The Apartment

It’s hard to be a fan of Seinfeld without wanting to visit its iconic locations, in part because of their seeming proximity to the real world as we know it – Monk’s coffee shop, the Pendant Publishing offices, or George’s digs at Yankee Stadium. But none of those locations are as iconic as Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment, and now fans will get the chance to visit Seinfeld: The Apartment, an interactive experience courtesy of Jerry’s new home at Hulu.

Seinfeld: The Apartment will open to the public on June 24th, but it will only remain so until the 28th, so you’ll have to make the pilgrimage on short notice if you don’t already live in the city. There, fans will be able to explore a replica of the most famous one-bedroom in television history, and recreate scenes like Kramer’s famous sliding entrance and George’s disastrous “art of seduction” photo shoot (which, it should be noted, took place in Kramer’s apartment, not Jerry’s).

To check out Seinfeld: The Apartment, just head to 451 West 14th Street in New York on June 24th-28th between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM. If no one answers, just knock on the door across the hall, Kramer is usually around. And to check out Seinfeld on Hulu, just head here on the 24th as well, when the entire series is coming to the streaming service.

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