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‘Seinfeld’ Set Replica: The Model About Nothing

by Joseph
Seinfeld Set Replica

Seinfeld Set Replica

I’m a pretty big fan of Seinfeld, but I admit I don’t really have a clue what the toy/collectible scene out there is like with regards to the show. So when I say that the product descriptively known as the Seinfeld Set Replica must be the top of the line, take it with the proverbial drop of lobster bisque.

Having said that, it’s hard to imagine a Seinfeld tie-in with more attention to detail than the Seinfeld Set Replica. Each one is made by hand, and uses real materials (metal, plastic, fabric, etc) where they would be used in real life. It’s completely to scale, and is fully stocked with all the familiar accoutrements: Jerry’s seemingly never-used bicycle and computer, his couch and chair, and of course the cereal in the kitchen cabinet.

Right now, the makers of the Seinfeld Set Replica are doing a “Festivus Special,” which means you can pre-order the set right here for $400 (a $100 discount) until March 1st, with deliveries set to begin in June. It’s a Festivus miracle.

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