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‘Seinfeld’ Reunion Created by Topher Grace (Video)

by Joseph
Seinfeld Reunion

Seinfeld Reunion

Topher Grace is known primarily as an actor, but he also has a little side-hobby as an amateur video editor. A while back he created a feature film re-edit of all three Star Wars prequels into one movie (a work that unfortunately remains to be seen by the public), and now he’s whipped up a Seinfeld reunion using all the available clips of this mythical episode from the pertinent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Curb included a generous helping of scenes from the fictional Seinfeld reunion, and Grace has used all of them in addition to scenes from (also fictional) table reads and rehearsals from the show. He says that the end result is “more like a radio play” than a proper Seinfeld episode, and indeed at only nine minutes long it’s sure to leave you jonesing for more. But it’s also the closest thing to an actual Seinfeld reunion we’ll have until Larry David gets divorced again.

You can watch the ersatz Seinfeld reunion for yourself below. And you can find Topher Grace’s original post about the video on Facebook right here.

Seinfeld ReunionI edited all the Seinfeld scenes from Curb season 7 into one episode. It’s more like a radio play, but if you sew together all the dialogue from audition scenes, read-throughs and rehearsals together… a 9 minute hint at what the plot of a reunion might have been.

Posted by Topher Grace on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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