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‘Seinfeld’ Pins From Designer Georgia Perry

by Joseph
Seinfeld Pins

Seinfeld Pins

Ever since I moved away from a cable-having domicile into a slick urban cable-less apartment, I’ve been experiencing mild-to-severe Seinfeld withdrawal, a natural side-effect of not being able to flip on a random rerun at almost any time of the day. One unusual way for me to combat my condition might be to get a couple enamel and gold Seinfeld pins from Australian designer Georgia Perry.

Georgia Perry’s Seinfeld pins bear the likenesses of Jerry, George, Elaine, and (in a curious move) writer/creator Larry David, rather than Kramer. Why Cosmo has been excluded from the group I don’t know, but I doubt I’m alone in hoping he completes this circle sooner rather than later.

Anyway, you can grab all of the Seinfeld pins (except George, who’s coming soon) from Georgia Perry at the designer’s online store here, where you can also grab similar pins in a very wide variety of designs, perfect for whatever apparel or accessory you might care to adorn with them.

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