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‘Seinfeld’: Hulu Debut Gets Launch Date, Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


The news that Seinfeld was coming to Hulu was greeted with widespread cheering and happiness throughout the land, even though the show is on in reruns approximately 22 hours a day. And to build even more excitement for something that’s already available, Hulu has released a lofty, momentous trailer for the show, as well as having announced the show’s official launch date.

The trailer is kind of like a highlight reel of Seinfeld‘s most memorable moments, sure to get fans’ blood pumping and those who have somehow managed to avoid ever watching Seinfeld interested in checking it out for the first time – hopefully, those people will also find somewhere to live out from under that rock.

You can watch Hulu’s Seinfeld trailer below. And if you want to watch every episode of the show in one continuous marathon, just fire up your Hulu Plus account on June 24th.

Here’s the trailer:


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