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‘Seinfeld’ Action Figures by Vinyl Sugar (Photos)

by Joseph
Seinfeld Action Figures

If there’s a surface of your home that isn’t devoted to your love of Seinfeld, well, why? If you don’t have a satisfactory answer, you can add another shrine for the greatest sitcom of all time to your home with a few strategically placed Seinfeld action figures from Vinyl Sugar.

Interestingly, the Vinyl Sugar people went pretty eclectic in their choice of characters to turn into Seinfeld action figures, with only one member of the core quartet (Kramer) available for purchase. The rest are The Soup Nazi, Newman, J. Peterman, Puddy, and a Festivus pole-bearing Frank Costanza. But hey, you probably have enough Elaine Benes action figures in your collection already, right?

You can take a look at Vinyl Sugar’s first slate of Seinfeld action figures in the gallery below. They’re set to hit the Vinyl Sugar online store here in July, presumably with more to follow sometime after that – personally, I’m hoping for a Rabbi Glickman action figure.

Here’s the gallery:

Seinfeld Action FiguresSeinfeld Action Figures

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