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Sega Genesis is Coming Back Next Year

by Joseph
Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis

The retro gaming trend has officially gone mainstream. ┬áNot only is the NES coming back to much fanfare, but it’s recently been announced that the Sega Genesis is also returning, albeit in a form that is probably not going to be as tempting to casual players.

That’s because the Sega Genesis, unlike the NES Classic Edition, isn’t priced to make it irresistible. Instead, it will go for about $140, but it will include upgrades over the old Genesis that may be gathering dust in your closet, like an SD card reader and an integrated circuit that lets it store 22 games within its vintage 90s black case.

The Sega Genesis will return in the summer of 2017, but you can pre-order yours from Tectoy (an official Brazilian manufacturing partner of Sega) right here (where it’s known as the Sega Mega Drive). Or you could play it a little more safe, and wait for more release details to come out before June of next year.

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