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SeeNote ePaper Sticky Note

by Joseph


Good ol’¬†sticky notes. ¬†Weren’t they great? You might even still be using them from time to time if you haven’t already completely reintegrated your life into the new digital era. But with SeeNote, you can have the elegant simplicity of the sticky note with the functionality and smart technology of ePaper.

The SeeNote “ePaper Sticky Note” is a digital touchscreen ePaper display that can mount almost anywhere a regular sticky note can thanks to the strip of true-blue 3M Command adhesive. But unlike a regular sticky note it can update automatically, pulling notifications and calendar updates from your mobile devices and other valuable daily information via WiFi.

You can see the SeeNote in action, and get a pretty good idea of its numerous other features, at the product’s official site, where you can also get more information and place a $99 pre-order on the device.

Check out the official SeeNote site right here, and the first wave of shipping is expected to begin in the spring of next year.



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