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Seek: A Thermal Camera Phone Attachment

by Joseph


Thermal imaging is, if you’ll pardon me for saying this, so hot right now. And even though phone cameras have had faux “thermal” filters for years, they’re not actually equipped for genuine thermal imaging just yet. Unless, of course, it’s outfitted with Seek, a new phone attachment that turns any smartphone into a real thermal camera.

The sensor that allows Seek to work is equipped with 32,000 thermal pixels, all of which come together to give you high quality heat-seeking images. It has practical purposes like looking for damage in your house or warm bodies in the dark, but you can also just use it to do cool stuff like this. Or would that be hot stuff?

Seek is available for both iPhone and Android phones, with a price tag of just under $200. You can buy one, as well as get some more information on the product, from the Seek website here.

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