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See Inside LEGO HQ (Pics)

by Joseph

Lifestyle site Hypebeast recently got a look inside the Denmark headquarters for LEGO, and it actually looks pretty modest for a company that’s as close as it’s ever been to complete world domination.

On the outside, LEGO HQ looks a lot like any other glass-and-steel office complex, with one notable exception: Giant drawings of LEGO figures adorn the building’s facade, welcoming visitors inside. Once there, you’ll be greeted by bright colors and other non-businesslike touches that definitely make it clear that you’re inside the corporate headquarters of a toy company. My favorite such touch is definitely the slide, which offers employees a much faster way to get downstairs than the elevator. Then, there’s a play room for building stuff with LEGO blocks (naturally).

If you can’t make it there for a visit (or get your foot in the door for a job interview), you can check out the LEGO headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark in the gallery up at the top of the page, courtesy of Hypebeast here.

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