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Sea Level CF8 Future Concept Yacht

by Joseph
Sea Level CF8

Sea Level CF8

I don’t know how many incredibly futuristic concept yachts the market can handle, but I don’t mind contributing to the over-saturation when the yacht in question looks as amazing as the Sea Level CF8, a “future concept” yacht from Sea Level Engineering.

The Sea Level CF8 boasts a lot of incredible features, like its uncommonly smooth passage across the waves thanks to its Larry Craig stance in the water and its EPCOT-friendly futuristic design. ┬áBut its killer app would probably have to be the glassed-in area above the swimming pool (!!) specifically for the transport and display of a fleet of automobiles. It’s like one of these huge playsets for Matchbox cars but in real life.

Well, almost real life, as the Sea Level CF8 is still only a concept yacht for the foreseeable future. You can get a bit more information on the concept, though, at the Sea Level Engineering Yacht Design “Brain Waves” concept site right here.

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