Home Tech & Gear ‘SDO: Year 5’: NASA Releases Solar Highlight Reel (Video)

‘SDO: Year 5’: NASA Releases Solar Highlight Reel (Video)

by Joseph
SDO: Year 5

SDO: Year 5

The sun: What’s it been up to? Sure, we see it almost every day up in the sky, but that doesn’t mean we really know what’s going on up there. Luckily, the people at NASA have been keeping an extra-close watch at the sun’s activities for the last five years with the Solar Dynamics Observatory, and to celebrate the milestone they’ve released SDO: Year 5, a video that basically amounts to the sun’s best-of reel for the years 2010 to 2015.

And I have to say, judging by SDO: Year 5, it’s been an exciting five years for the sun. And that’s without the booming orchestral soundtrack that would make almost anything exciting, let alone solar explosions and other events on the surface of the sun, captured by NASA‘s five-year-old SDO.

You can watch SDO: Year 5 for yourself below. And for a lot more technical information on what the Solar Dynamics Observatory is and how it works, check out NASA’s official site here.

Here’s the video:

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