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Screening Room: Watch New Releases at Home, Legally

by Joseph
Screening Room

Screening Room

Going out to the movies can be kind of stressful for people who aren’t prepared for it. Movie studios have been trying to give more homebodied cinema fans a way to watch new releases at home for years, but movie theaters have always stepped in and put a stop to it. With Screening Room, it looks like the dream of dropping $50 to watch a movie on your couch is finally going to come true.

The most noteworthy thing about Screening Room at this point isn’t the service it will provide, but the backers that Napster founder Sean Parker has managed to bring on board, a group that includes Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, JJ Abrams, and other normally cinema-reverent types. And movie theaters are also being placated, with $20 of the new releases’ $50 price point reportedly going to pay for roughly two tickets to a typical new release in the theater—they lose the concession profits, though.

None of that matters for the user, who will purportedly soon be able to choose from a variety of new releases at home after the purchase of the $150 Screening Room set-top box. For now, you can get more information on the upcoming service at its official site right here.

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