Home Entertainment ‘Scrabble Typography 3rd Edition’ by Andrew Capener

‘Scrabble Typography 3rd Edition’ by Andrew Capener

by Joseph
Scrabble Typography

Scrabble Typography

I’d never thought of it before, but traditional Scrabble must be a tough game for typography nerds, since it only offers you one font to choose (or not choose) from. But Scrabble Typography is a special version of the game by Andrew Capener, now in its third edition.

Unlike previous editions of Scrabble Typography, this third edition was designed with the more casual gamer in mind. Capener has selected 12 new fonts for this edition of the game – which I believe is played just like regular Scrabble, but one that’s much more graphically pleasing (don’t hold me to this, though). It also has the unintended macabre effect of making your Scrabble game look like an old-time ransom note, which is just good clean fun as far as I’m concerned.

If you’ve got fifty bucks to spend on the third edition of Scrabble Typography, head over to the Winning Solutions online store right here, where you can do just that.

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