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‘Scrabble’ Tile Lights Spell Good Decor

by Joseph
Scrabble Tile Lights

Scrabble Tile Lights

Despite a love of words, I’ve recently begun to think of Scrabble as a game for my always expanding list of “theoretically fun” items. But the game still carries some deep, primal appeal, as evidenced by the fact that I think these officially licensed Scrabble Tile Lights from Firebox are pretty cool.

The Scrabble Tile Lights’ key feature is probably the jumbo display rack, which looks like a larger version of the rack you use to hold your tiles in the real game. Like the original, this one can hold up to seven letters, but unlike the original you’re actually supposed to set it up so other people can see it.

Hearken back to those old, pre-Words With Friends days with Scrabble Tile Lights, which you can check out at the Firebox online store here, where they’re priced at a little under $40 for a whole set, customizable with included stickers.

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