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Scott Sight Hands-Free Thermal Imaging Firefighter Mask

by Joseph
Scott Sight

Scott Sight

Unless you work as a volunteer firefighter (or for a poorly-funded municipal fire department), it’s doubtful that you’re in the market for a product like the Scott Sight, no matter how much of an early adopter you are. But if you live in a residence that may be consumed by fire (and who doesn’t?), you should be happy that such a hands-free thermal imager exists.

The Scott Sight is a truly hands-free thermal imager that allows users to see through thick smoke and debris while still able to use both hands to smash down barriers with axes and whatever else a firefighter might need to do in the heat of combat. It will be available for purchase as part of a whole face mask kit, or separately to fit onto the one the buyer already has.

It’s not quite on the market yet, but the Scott Sight is expected to be available sometime early this summer according to the Scott Safety site right here, where you can get more information on this product that you will hopefully never have to see again—but if you are involved in a serious fire, you’ll be glad that it’s around.

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