Home Entertainment ‘Scorsese Collects’: Martin Scorsese’s Movie Posters on Display at MoMA (Photos)

‘Scorsese Collects’: Martin Scorsese’s Movie Posters on Display at MoMA (Photos)

by Joseph
Scorsese Collects

Scorsese Collects

Director Martin Scorsese is famous for his voracious and all-encompassing appetite for films, having perhaps seen more movies over the course of his life than any other functioning person has. It figures that a guy like that, who’s also had a decent amount of financial success in his career, would also have an incredible collection of movie posters – which is exactly what’s being displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the Scorsese Collects exhibition.

Scorsese Collects is made up of 34 pieces from the director’s personal poster collection, with the centerpiece being a giant billboard-sized poster for 1951’s The Tales of Hoffmann (seen above). On the other end of the size spectrum from the billboard is a rare lobby card for 1932’s Scarface, also included in the exhibition.

You can check out Scorsese Collects at MoMA until October 25th, and it’s running in conjunction with a series of classic film screenings curated by the filmmaker called Scorsese Screens – and you can also take a look at the exhibition at the museum’s website right here.

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