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Scientists Invent Vantablack, A New “Super Black” Material

by Joseph


You might have thought that black is black, and it can’t get any darker. But British scientists working for Surrey NanoSystems have proven that notion incorrect with Vantablack, a new material that breaks previous world records in blackness. To put it in scientific terms, Vantablack absorbs almost all visual light, with the exception of a scant .035%.

That figure means that Vantablack appears almost completely invisible to human eyes, looking instead like a completely featureless black blob (you can see it in the photo above, if your computer monitor is equipped to handle maximum darkness). Unfortunately, using the material in, say, an awesome pair of sneakers is quite a ways off, but the more immediate applications for Vantablack include use in military capacities, telescopes, and more.

A tip of the (very, very black) hat goes to The Independent, where you can read a lot more about Vantablack here. And now the clock is ticking on the fashion industry, who will probably figure out a way to use this stuff before too long.

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