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‘Scarface’: Modern-Day Remake Gets Green Light

by Joseph


Movies don’t get much more beloved than Scarface, Brian De Palma’s cocaine-and-blood-soaked gangster masterpiece starring Al Pacino as the not-quite-immortal Tony Montana. But that movie’s colossal reputation hasn’t stopped a modern-day remake from getting the green light, with Straight Outta Compton screenwriter Jonathan Herman scripting the project.

Amateur film historians know that the 1983 Scarface was itself a remake, of the 1932 gangster classic starring Paul Muni. So really, it makes sense that the Twitter-and-smartphone generation would get its own version, perhaps where Tony and Elvira meet up with the Tinder app (that’s just a joke, hopefully).

As the 21st century Scarface is still in its very early stages of production, it will be a while until we have more clues as to what the film will be like, let alone stuff like trailers or release dates. But it’s probably best to start preparing yourself for a lot of really bad Tony Montana impressions now, and for more information on the remake head over to The Hollywood Reporter right here.

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