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SCALE Retractable Roller Ball Pen by Shigeru Ban

by Joseph
SCALE Retractable Roller Ball Pen

SCALE Retractable Roller Ball Pen

I never thought about it before, but architects must always be scrambling for pens, what with all the compasses and protractors and levels and other architectural stuff jamming up their pockets all the time. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban must agree with me, because he designed the SCALE Retractable Roller Ball as both a pen and an architect’s scale for Acme Studio.

The SCALE Retractable Roller Ball’s dual function also carries another advantage — its triangular shape, which fits more comfortably in the hand than the usual cylindrical pen design. The pen also comes with its own box (also triangular), and is constructed from premium materials for a pen (and scale) that won’t break down.

It’s been around since 2009, but you can get the SCALE Retractable Roller Ball now for $90 at the Acme Studio online store here. It’s also recommended for those that, like George Costanza, have always wanted to pretend to be an architect.

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