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Savioke SaviOne Service Robot (Video)

by Joseph
Savioke SaviOne

Savioke SaviOne

It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing up Jibo, a “robot friend” designed for home use. Now, I bring you the Savioke SaviOne, a robot designed not for the home but for hotels.  It’s a robotic butler that’s designed to deliver guests things like towels, toothbrushes, and any other assorted odds and ends that can fit into its traveling compartment.

The Savioke SaviOne is being sold to hotel owners through claims that it frees up hotel staff members to do more important, human-specific duties while leaving the no-brainer stuff to a robot, but I’m thinking about how cool it would be for a guest in a hotel to request a fresh towel and have it delivered by a robot. The future is going to be great for people who can afford to stay in expensive hotels!

The SaviOne can be used in other service-related industries in addition to hotels.  For a full run-down on what it can do, just head over to Savioke’s website here. And you can watch a very short video of the SaviOne in action below:

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