Home Tech & Gear Saver Emergency Breath System Prevents Smoke Inhalation (Video)

Saver Emergency Breath System Prevents Smoke Inhalation (Video)

by Joseph
Saver Emergency Breath System

Saver Emergency Breath System

If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of being inside a house that’s on fire, you actually have as much to fear from sucking down smoke than you do the flames themselves. So if you’re the cautious sort who keeps a fire extinguisher on hand, Saver Emergency Breath System makes for a logical next step in fire preparedness.

The Saver Emergency Breath System, with its function and cylindrical shape, might call to mind the canned air from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, but this is no joke. It has a triple filtration system that blocks out all the harmful contaminants and carbon monoxide that accumulate in a fire, allowing you to breathe as you make your way to the safest route of escape. It also contains a built-in flashlight and alarm system for aiding first responders in locating you, so your chances of making it out of a fire situation are significantly increased.

A demonstration video for the Saver Emergency Breath System, available in both a portable two-person version or a more expansive wall-mounted variant, can be viewed below. For more information or to purchase one starting at $170 for the portable version, head over to Safety iQ right here.

Here’s the video:


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