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Savage Bobber Custom Airplanes From Zlin Aviation

by Joseph
Savage Bobber Custom Airplanes

Savage Bobber Custom Airplanes

Custom bikes and custom cars are cool and all, but how about a custom airplane? If you’ve got the cash to accommodate such a purchase (more on that later), it’s now possible thanks to the people at Zlin Aviation and their Savage Bobber custom airplanes.

Each Savage Bobber airplane is customized to its pilot and owner, with myriad options available for engine color, seat type, propeller type, various add-ons, and much more. And no matter what options you choose, the plane can be seen as reliable and safe, based as it is on the dependable Savage Classic underneath all the personalized swag.

Now, about that price tag. You’re going to need at least $55,000 to call a Savage Bobber plane your own, but considering all the secret Inca treasures and whatnot you’ll be drawing from once you start flying all over the world, that’s really not too bad. You can get more information at Zlin’s official site here.

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