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Saucy_AF: Arby’s Unveils New Font

by Joseph


I’ve always sort of thought of Arby’s as being able to speak for itself. Want to send a message? Do it with a Double Beef and Cheddar. But if for some bizarre reason you don’t want to do that, you can now send a message using Saucy_AF, a new downloadable text font from Arby’s. As the fast food beefsmiths at Arby’s themselves put it:

“Arby’s sauce calligraphy is not an easy skill to learn. Luckily, like all skills, it can now be done by a computer and downloaded for free! Get the Arby’s Saucy_AF™ font and say it with sauce.”

I’m not sure what one can say about Saucy_AF, especially if one is, like myself, unaccustomed to discussing the intricacies of typographical fonts. But I do suspect this whole exercise came about because someone realized popular abbreviation “AF” could also stand for “Arby’s Font,” which is a pretty entertaining idea.

Download the Saucy_AF font for yourself right here.


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