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Saturn Wine Glasses Are Impressively Spill-Proof (Video)

by Joseph
Saturn Wine Glasses

Saturn Wine Glasses

You’ve just gotten home from a long day’s work and you want to enjoy a glass of red wine in your immaculate white living room. In your haste to enjoy the wine you accidentally brush the glass with your hand, it topples, the wine spills everywhere, and your life is ruined. Unless, of course, you have a set of Saturn Wine Glasses from Super Duper Studio.

Saturn Wine Glasses can tip over without spilling the wine inside, thanks to a design that seems incredibly simple in retrospect (why weren’t glasses like this invented a hundred years ago?). Of course, they’re only spill-proof on a flat surface, so if you knock one off of a table or counter you’re still probably going to have a spill.

You can watch a very cool demonstration video of Saturn Wine Glasses and their spill-proof properties below. And for more information as well as to buy, head over to the Super Duper Studio online store here.

Here’s the video:

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