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‘Saturday Night Live’ Wines from Lot18

by Joseph
Saturday Night Live wines

Saturday Night Live wines

Do you like watching Saturday Night Live? Have you ever wanted to, uh, drink Saturday Night Live? The show has joined up with wine retailer Lot18 to produce a line of Saturday Night Live wines, bearing the image of various characters from the show’s recent history.

The Saturday Night Live wines, which I’m sure you’re dying to know about are as follows: Stefon Beaujolais, Debbie Downer South Eastern Australia Chardonnay, The Californians Monterey County Merlot, and a California Red Blend branded with the show’s signature slogan, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” Each one is wrapped in a label featuring original artwork inspired by the show, and perhaps other characters will get the wine treatment in the future – I for one would love to sample the rich bouquet of a Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet Pinot Noir.

For now, check out the Lot18 line of Saturday Night Live wines at the Lot18 online store here, where prices start at about twenty bucks a bottle.

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