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Sarah Connor: First Look at Returning ‘Terminator’ Heroine

by Joseph
Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

It has been more than 25 years since we last checked in with Sarah Connor, modern-day mother of our savior against the machines — and I’m talking about the real one, played by Linda Hamilton, not any of her imitators which frankly I suspect are secretly Terminators themselves. But now, she’s coming back:


I have no idea who the other two people are and I don’t care. But Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor means I will automatically be in the theater on opening day, provided humanity isn’t annihilated by nuclear war or enslaved by robots before November, 2019.

How could either of those two things occur, though, with Sarah Connor on top of everything? Just to be safe, though, you can stay tuned for updates at the as yet untitled sixth Terminator film at its official Twitter account here, which I’m sure will be getting more and more active as we get closer to next Fall.

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