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Sandman Doppler: “The World’s Best Alarm Clock”

by Joseph
Sandman Doppler

Sandman Doppler

Everyone hates getting up to an alarm in the morning, so a product that’s purported to be “the world’s best alarm clock” has either a very low or very high bar to clear, depending on your perspective on the matter. The Sandman Doppler is such a device.

The Sandman Doppler seeks to earn its designation as the best alarm clock in the world with its customizable wake tones, which are supposed to wake you up in a gentle, soothing, efficient manner. But it’s also Alexa enabled, and you can hook it up to your connected smart home system for a multitude of interconnected functions.

You can get a full picture of what Sandman Doppler is capable of at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here. Evidently, a lot of people out there hate their alarm clocks enough to take a chance on a $119 (and up) wizard like this, since it’s already nearly tripled its fundraising goal with almost a month left to go.

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