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Samsung’s 85-Inch Ultra-HDTV Now Available In Korea

by Joseph

Samsung Ultra HDTV

You might remember the 84-inch “Ultra” HDTV from LG that we told you about a few months back. But now, LG’s competitor Samsung has one-upped them in the Ultra-HDTV department with the 85-inch Samsung Ultra HDTV.

The company hasn’t released how much this massive TV will cost here in the United States (or when it will be available here), but in its advanced market in Korea it’s going for the equivalent of about $37,877.

As always, though, there will be bigger TVs on the way, with Samsung announcing that there are 95-inch and 110-inch models to come in the near future. If this catches on in the United States, within the next couple of years your current TV may begin to seem more like a cell phone screen!

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