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Samsung Unveils Flexible “Youm” Display

by Joseph

Youm display

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, all the big tech companies compete with each other in the field of wowing the most spectators, journalists, and vendors. Rushing to the head of the pack is Samsung, who recently gave a sneak peak at their previously-hinted-at flexible display. ┬áThat flexible display now goes by the name, “Youm.”

The flexible Youm displays will give tech manufacturers the ability to construct things like bendable smartphones, e-readers, and tablets.

Samsung first applied for a patent for Youm back in March of 2012, but its display at the Consumer Electronics Show marks its official unveiling. It took the form of an ostensibly ordinary smartphone that could be stretched out into a tablet!

The days of seeing Youm displays on store shelves may be a while off yet, but there’ plenty of reasons to get excited about it in the meantime.

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