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Samsung SodaStream Refrigerator

by Joseph

SodaStream Refrigerator

You’ve probably heard of SodaStream, the home soda machine, thanks to their recent Super Bowl ad. But if you’re still skeptical about home soda being the way of the future, maybe the SodaStream Refrigerator from Samsung will convince you.

It’s the first refrigerator to have a built-in carbonated water option, courtesy of SodaStream’s patented technology. Of course, you also have the option to dispense plain old water and ice, plus features like a “Flex Zone” drawer, LED lighting, and a heavy-duty ice maker that can make as much as 10 pounds of ice a day.

You can be the first guy on your block with a SodaStream fridge by going to Samsung’s website here and plunking down $3,900. Just don’t tell the Pepsi and Coke people I told you about it, okay?

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