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Samsung Sleepsense Sleep Tracker

by Joseph
Samsung Sleepsense

Samsung Sleepsense

A good night’s sleep is getting harder and harder to find, so if you’re interested in improving your sleep habits it might take a little bit more than just getting to bed earlier. For those scenarios, there’s a new product from Samsung engineered for the sole purpose of improving your night’s sleep: The Samsung Sleepsense.

The Samsung Sleepsense is a thin, disc-shaped device that you place under your mattress. Once there, it uses advanced sensors to track multiple pertinent pieces of data as you sleep (or try to), including heart and breathing rates, and movement. Then, you’re given a “sleep score” that tells you how well you’re sleeping, with tips on things you can do differently to improve. It can also sync up with other smart devices like thermostats and TVs – Samsung will not rest until every single object in your house is at least partially dedicated to improving your night’s sleep.

You can get some more info on the Samsung Sleepsense here. ┬áIt’s still in its pre-release phrase, but details on things like pricing and availability should be made public soon.

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