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Samsung Serif TV: A More Elegant Kind of TV (Video)

by Joseph
Samsung Serif

Samsung Serif

Since we spend so much time looking at our TVs while they’re turned on, it makes good psychological sense that we usually don’t spend much time thinking about how they look when they’re turned off. But the Samsung Serif from Ronan & Erwin Bouroullec is different, taking its design cues from the world of typography and fine furniture.

The Samsung Serif, evidently just a concept for now, looks like a capital “I” in profile, with each serif of the I serving a functional purpose: The bottom is a base to rest the TV on a stand, and the top can be used as a shelf. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, or at least it would if it were actually available to purchase anywhere.

Even though you can’t buy one, you can see more about Ronan & Erwin Bouroullec’s Samsung Serif TV in the video below, and on their official online portfolio right here.

Here’s the video:

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