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Samsung Releases Milk Music Service

by Joseph
Milk Music

Milk Music

Between Spotify, Pandora, and the myriad of other music streaming services out there, it might seem like the market has enough ways to get free and/or cheap music into your ears over the internet. But that hasn’t stopped Samsung from throwing their chips into the game, with the brand new Milk Music service.

One of the interesting things that sets Milk Music apart (or seems to, at least), is its relative exclusivity. Pretty much anyone with a decent computer and internet connection can explore Spotify’s library of music, but to access Milk Music you have to have a Samsung Galaxy device. Once you get it, Milk Music is engineered to bring you specially curated playlists of hundreds of genres and sub-genres, the idea being that you never get bored with Milk Music.

It remains to be seen if Samsung’s Milk Music becomes a force in music streaming or just another also-ran, but you can check it our for yourself on Google Play here. For now, it’s both free to download and ad-free, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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