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Samsung Releases ‘Display Centric World’ Concept Video

by Joseph
Samsung Display Centric World

Samsung Display Centric World

There are a lot of ideas out there about what the future is going to look like—the flying cars and space needle buildings of The Jetsons, for one—but Samsung‘s vision of the future is a little more sleek and recognizable. And they’re showcasing it in a new concept video called Display Centric World.

Like the title suggests, Samsung envisions a future where everything from coffee cups and cutting boards to elevators will be equipped with interactive and transparent touch screen displays that give users a previously unimaginable degree of control and interaction with the world around them, while remaining more durable than any display currently in use. It’s also a little bit creepy, but don’t expect anybody at Samsung to admit that.

You can see what I mean by watching Samsung’s Display Centric World below. And for a whole lot more on the cool stuff Samsung has cooking, head to their Samsung Display website here.

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