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Samsung QLED TV Blends Into Your Wall

by Joseph
Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TV

In the 1993 thriller When a Stranger Calls Back, a killer hides from Carol Kane in plain sight by painting himself to look like the brick wall he’s standing in front of. Now, that method of camouflage has been co-opted not for murder but for televisions that turn practically invisible when they’re not being watched: The Samsung QLED TV.

The Samsung QLED TV’s chameleon effect is achieved by first taking a photograph of the wall you hang it on. Then, while in ambient mode, the TV uses the photo to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding wall, as you can see in the photo up at the top. It can also display the current time, weather, and news headlines fresh from organizations like The New York Times.

The Samsung QLED TV is supposed to be available for purchase later this month, but in the meantime you can check out the full press release from Samsung right here.

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