Home Tech & Gear Samsung Leader 8: A New Flip Phone Riff Coming to China

Samsung Leader 8: A New Flip Phone Riff Coming to China

by Joseph
Samsung Leader 8

Samsung Leader 8

It was only a matter of time before the beginning of a full-fledged flip phone revival – after all, aren’t we all (at least those of us who are old enough to remember) nostalgic for the time before we spent most of our waking hours connected to everyone we know and the world at large? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Samsung Leader 8 will allow for a graceful return to that blissful state, but it does flip open and shut.

The Samsung Leader 8 has an old-fashioned, programmable T9 keyboard for use when the phone is flipped open, and two 4.2-inch full HD AMOLED displays – the basic concept for the phone being that it has one screen for the inside when the phone is flipped, and one for the outside when it’s closed.

Now for some bad news: The Samsung Leader 8 is only slated for a release in China, and even that doesn’t have a release date or price tag yet. And if you were thinking about importing one, don’t bother, since it reportedly doesn’t even have a SIM slot. Still, maybe something like this could catch on beyond China in the future.

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