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Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Smartphone UK Release

by Joseph
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Months have gone by since rumors about the next Samsung smartphone have started picking up speed, and now the company has finally made an official announcement regarding their next move in the smartphone game: The Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s chief selling point at this stage is its metal frame, which makes it the first in the Galaxy line to have one. The material is lightweight, though, and the Galaxy Alpha reportedly weighs a scant 115 grams, despite the considerable amount of power under the hood and on the screen.

Unfortunately for Stateside smartphone enthusiasts, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is currently slated for a UK release this September, but more information on a North American roll-out is almost sure to come in the next few months. For more specific information on all of Samsung’s myriad promises for their Galaxy Alpha smartphone, check out the product’s preview website right here.

(via Hypebeast)

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